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Being in the printing industries for over 10 years, ChoiSun Printing is professionl & experience in manufacturing tattoo sticker, nail art, products of transfer printing and screen printing. 
With the integration of variety kind of printing techniques,we develop and work out a great variety of product series successfully using water transfer, dry transfer and iron on techniques.

Our main products are tattoo sticker, nail art and transfer printing.  Our products are widely used in Toys, Stationery, Gifts, Artworks, Giftware, Houseware, Sportware, Shoes, Bags, Clothing, Household Appliances and others.

Our main products include:

A) Tattoo sticker, nail sticker

- Tattoos: Color Tattoos; Glitter Tattoos; Foil Tattoos; Glowing Tattoo; Fluorescence Tattoo;  Photochromic Tattoo; 3D Tattoo...

- Nail Art stickers:

- Mobile Stickers: Dry Transfer Sticker; Glitter Sticker; Jewels Sticker; Double 3D Sticker...

- Epoxy Stickers: No Color Epoxy Sticker; Dry Transfer Epoxy Sticker; Laser Epoxy Sticker; Mirror-Silver Epoxy Sticker; Foil Epoxy Sticker; Metal Epoxy Sticker...

- Stickers for Gift: Magnetic Stickers, Fragrant Stickers, Fluorescent Stickers, Electrostatic Stickers, DIY Cutting Thin Stickers: Glitter Sticker; Glowing Stickers...

- Rub On stickers: Glitter Rub On; Foil Rub On; Flock Rub On...

B) Stickers for industrial goods:

-- Water Transfer stickers   -- Dry Transfer stickers  -- Metal Transfer stickers  -- Heat Transfer stickers

-- Other Decorations Stickers: for household, like window, wall, for bycicle, car, model aeroplane.

C) Screen printing on special material such as metal, plastic,PVC bag, wood, EVA, leather
   Experience on difficuty printing and treatment on UV treatment, simulated carbon fibre, abnormity curved surface.

We consist with the strict control and assurance of the product quality and continue to promote product and brand extra value for brand possessors and users of their CI, Logos and Gifts with our supplement service.  To provide quality product to your satisfation is our business goal.

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